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    WBW Counselling & Consulting Services

    At Walking Bear Woman Counselling & Consulting Services, we collaborate in spearheading the custom design and delivery of Envisioning A Compassionate Culture Tools & Skills Series which uniquely blends Indigenous Traditional Knowledge,  Mental Health & Wellness Information, Compassionate Culture Tools & Skills, and Psychological Health & Safety through innovative professional services we provide, which include:

    What makes our presentations, workshops, and professional training services especially unique is that through our Envisioning Design & Planning Process we work closely with agencies and professionals, which we refer to as our Envisioning Team, to ensure that the information and designs emphasize their communities Traditional beliefs and values.

    We strive to ensure that every person who attends a presentation or workshop is fully engaged and leaves equipped with our non-violent compassionate culture tools & skills to support and encourage healing & wellness in their community, agency, workspace, or home. Some of the services we provide include:

    WBW Mental Health & Wellness Presentations:

    • Embracing A Compassionate Culture Personal Tools & Skills
    • Enhancing A Compassionate Culture Family Tools & Skills

    WBW Mental Health & Wellness Workshops

    • Elevating A Compassionate Culture Community Tools & Skills

    WBW Professional Training Workshops (Coming September 1/22)

    • Essential A Compassionate Culture (Re)Vitalizing Tools & Skills 
    • Encouraging A Compassionate Culture Frontline Culture Tools & Skills 
    • Enriching A Compassionate Culture Management Culture Tools & Skills 
    • Empowering A Compassionate Culture Leadership Culture Tools & Skills

    WBW Professional Virtual Network (Summer 2023):

    • Envisioned Compassionate Culture Network

    Finally, it is especially important to note that the Professional Training Services meet National Standard of Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace and are facilitated by Certified PH&S Advanced Level Trainer.

    For a brief overview of each our custom presentations, workshops, and professional training services we encourage you to check out the links below:

    Indigenous-created & Trauma-sensitive

    Walking Bear Woman Counselling & Consulting Services provides high quality indigenous based and trauma-sensitive services where every person feels fully engaged, safe and supported. Below are some highlights of our presentations and workshops:

    • Flexible and accessible options
    • Innovative, fun, and engaging
    • Promotes storytelling & sharing
    • Non-violent compassionate-based approach
    • Collaborate with Leaders, Elders, and Helpers
    • Supports and strengthens Intergenerational Healing

    Feel free to reach out to us to day to learn more about our unique approach & services.

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    Custom MH&W Presentations

    Custom MH&W Presentation with                  Embracing Compassionate Culture Personal Tools & Skills

    • Delivered in one 3 hour session
    • 1 MH&W topic with intro to 4 Core CCT&S
    • Focused on promoting personal self-awareness, positive self-talk, establishing healthy boundaries, and personal safety planning. 
    • Includes Mental Health activity, discussion, and wellness circle

      Custom MH&W Presentation with                                     Enhancing  A Compassionate Culture  Family Tools & Skills

    • Delivered in one 3 hour session
    • 1 MH&W Topic with intro of 4 Core CCT&S
    • Focused on roles and responsibility, establishing healthy relationships, effective communication, healthy boundaries, safety & crisis planning
    • Includes, activity, mental health discussion, CCT&S exercises, and wellness circle!

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    Custom MH&W Workshops

    Custom MH&W Workshop with                                                         Elevating A Compassionate Culture Community Tools & Skills

    • Flexible delivery for two 3 hour sessions
    • 2 MH&Ws topics with intro to 4 core CCT&S
    • Focused on meaningful connections, roles & responsibilities, community togetherness 
    • Includes group discussions, activities, health & wellness tips, and group wellness circles!

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    A New Path Forward for Indigenous Healing & Wellness includes::

    Envisioning. Embracing.  Enhancing.   Elevating.   Encouraging.   Enriching.   Empowering.

    Professional Training Services

    We carefully and strategically design in collaboration with our host community WBWs: Envisioning A Compassionate Professional Training Series which unifies the National Standard of Canada’s Psychological Health & Safety with Compassionate Culture Tools & Skills to equip community leaders, management and frontline support workers with all 7 of our non-violent compassionate tools & skills to cultivate  meaningful connections which enhance healing and wellness for individuals, families and communities. The series includes:

    Essential Compassionate Culture (Re)Vitalizing Tools & Skills 

    Encouraging A Compassionate Culture Frontline Tools & Skills

    Enriching  A Compassionate Culture Management Tools & Skills 

    Empowering A Compassionate Culture Leadership Tools & Skills

    Envisioned Compassionate Culture Mentorship Network 

    This training series will be available September 1.

    Our Professional Training Services meets the National Standard of Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace and are facilitated by Certified PH&S Advanced Level Trainer.

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    Free Trauma-Informed Presentations…

    We provide FREE monthly Indigenous-based Trauma-Informed training for Urban Child Care Providers in Regina in a safe and non-judgmental virtual space.

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