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    Our Custom MH&W Presentations

    WBW Counselling & Consulting Mental Health & Wellness custom presentations include: 

    • Embracing A Compassionate Culture Personal Tools Tools & Skills; and  
    • Enhancing A Compassionate Culture Family Tools & Skills 

    Our presentations are designed in close collaboration and partnership with our host communities’ personnel which we refer to as the Host Envisioning Team, to ensure that custom creations that we design address the Mental Health & Wellness concerns for individuals and families within their community. 

    In addition, through our unique collaborative Envisioning Design & Planning Process we also meet with our host communities Traditional Elders, Knowledge Keepers and  Helperto ensure that the Mental Health & Wellness  presentations and workshops are aligned with our host communities Traditional Beliefs & Values. 

    Through WBW’s unique collaborative process, we ensure that every custom presentation that we deliver, are:

    • Maximum 3 hours
    • Delivered in flexible 1 or 2 sessions
    • Trauma-Sensitive, Engaging and Fun
    • Respectful of  Traditional Values, Beliefs, and Customs
    • Non-judgmental, Supportive & Inclusive Virtual/In-Person Experience.
    • Educational & Informative about Indigenous Mental Health & Wellness approaches & practices

    Feel free to reach out to us for more information and how our custom presentations can support the health and wellness goals of your community, agency, or group.

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     Custom MH&W Presentation with                                                        Embracing A Compassionate Culture Personal Tools & Skills

    We specifically design our “Custom MH&W Presentation with Embracing A Compassionate Culture Personal Tools & Skills” presentation to help group participants that would like to use the tools and skills that want to learn more about mental health and wellness concern or issue that is affecting their group or community but also want to learn how use use our four core compassionate tools and skills to embrace their personal thoughts and feelings to enhance their own personal health & wellness goals.

    Learning outcomes include:

    • Confidence & Self-Esteem Boosting Tips
    • Positive Self-Talk and Mindfulness Excrcises
    • Health & Wellness Discussion & Group Circle
    • Self Awareness & Safety Planning Activity
    • Creating, Setting, and Affirming Healthy Boundaries 
    • Setting Planning & Achieving Personal Health & Wellness Goals
    • Recognizing & replacing harmful & hurtful thought patterns
    • Skilled on our 4-Core CCT&S to enhance personal health & wellness

    Great presentation for promoting personal health and wellness, boosting personal self-awareness, and encouraging good self-esteem!

    Custom Presentation of 
    Enhancing A Compassionate Culture Family Tools & Skills

    We strategically designed “WBW Enhancing A Compassionate Culture Families & Community Tools & Skills” presentation for families and communities that would like enhance their tools and skills to support their loved ones who may be experiencing mental health and/or wellness challenges.

    Learning Outcomes: 

    • Mental Health Discussion & Group Wellness Circle
    • Self-awareness, Personal & Family Safety Planning
    • Creating, Setting, and Affirming Healthy Boundaries
    • Positive proactive self-talk and communication skills
    • Skilled on our 4-core CCFT&S to enhance personal health & wellness 
    • Skilled on our 4-core CCFT&S on how to support loved one through Mental Health crisis.

    Great for establishing and encouraging healthy interdependent relationships and meaningful connections!

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