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    My name is ᐱᒧᐦᓭ ᒪᐦᑾ ᐃᐦᑴ...

    aniin, tansi, and hello relatives…

    Before I begin, I would like to acknowledge Treaty 4 Territory, homeland of the Cree, Saluteaux, Nakota, Dakota, Lakota and shared homeland of the Metis and shared land to many settler relatives of various nations. My name is Pimohse Oochoo, formally Shawna Oochoo, and I am the founder and owner of Walking Bear Woman Counselling & Consulting Services which is located in North Central, Regina.

    I am an anishanpe ihkwe deeply respects her nehiyaw and ojibwe bloodlines and culture and connections. In addition, I am also a proud urban George Gordon First Nation member that lives and works in the same community which I grew up in: North, Central (Regina). I am the youngest daughter of Garry Oochoo & Brenda Redwood and one of many grandchild of Albert & Rosa Oochoo (George Gordon First Nation) and Lionel & Dorthey Redwood (Cowessess First Nation). In addition, I am also the proud mother of two, Serenity Anderson (21) & Heavenly Oochoo (8) and kokom of one, Kali Mikwan Anderson-Favel (1).

     I take great pride in all my role and responsibilities as a grandmother, mother and woman and the bond and connections that I share with many through out my community. Today, meaningful connections are important to me; however, it was not always this way as the intergenerational harm that I had experienced in places like Indian Residential School (IRS), Indian Day School (IDS) and the Foster Care System, resulted in years of struggling with my mental health, alcohol and drug dependency, and engaging in harmful and risky behaviours as a youth and young adult. 

    As you can imagine, when chose to walk my healing & wellness journey, it was an immense undertaking which required years of support from Elders and participating in traditional ceremonies; psychologists and attending counselling sessions; and, addiction counsellors and reoccurring recovery centers. Like many of my relatives, my healing journey has not been perfect or linear, but  despite the difficulties and challenges, I continue to walk my path and  persevere because I choose to remain committed to my healing and wellness journey. 

    As a result, Ive had a wonderful & successful 15-year career as a professional support worker and supported in a number of frontline, management, and leadership positions in which I have obtained numerous certificates, awards, and recognitions; however, at the height of my career, I felt a sacred calling to take all that I had learned and use it to further aid in the healing and wellness of my community; however, I lacked one key component which was a westernized education.  

    Therefore, during the recent epidemic which brought our great mother to a standstill, I found the courage to return to persue my education and equipped myself with a Mental Health & Wellness diploma, in which I received with the honour of distinction. During my studies, it was apparent that if I wanted to support my community using the  unique and innovative ways that I had long envisioned, I would need to bring about a new entity which would fully support the use my creativity but which was also designed to support the carefully crafted indigenous-based professional support training that I created.

    It is my sincerest hope that you find a Walking Bear Woman Counselling & Consulting presentation or workshop that works best for you, your group, or agency and that we can  soon begin to collaborate in working together to encourage & support healing and wellness through out your community!

    I look forward to building and strengthening my connection with you.


    Pimohse Oochoo