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    Sponsor A Presentation or Workshop

    At Walking Bear Woman Counselling & Consulting Services, we strive to ensure that the presentations & workshops that we deliver to the community are affordable accessible; however, there are times when we need to turn to our community to support so we can make the presentations and workshops accessible to groups that may not be able to afford the following presentations or workshops:

    Therefore, we have created Sponsor A Presentation or Workshop where local businesses, agencies, and community members can share in sponsoring a workshop and/or presentation for groups that may not have the financial resources to cover the cost of the presentation or workshop.

    The financial donations we obtain will be used to cover the following items:

    • Elder Honorarium Bundle (Financial Gift, Tobacco, Cloth, and Blanket) 
    • Door Prizes (Shirts & Teddy Bears)
    • Transportation Costs 
    • Compassionate Culture Pocket Certificates

    In exchange for your donation your business and/or agency will be recognized as an Compassionate Culture Ally & Supporter on our website but also on our poster for the group or event. 

    Any unused funds will be gifted to the group, committee or agency requesting the presentation or workshop. If you have any questions about how you can Sponsor a presentation or support, please feel free to contact us today!

    After you have made a donation, please ensure to fill out a brief form to let us know if you would like for WBW Counselling & Consulting to publicly acknowledge your donation.

    Link Here: Donor Sponsorship Form

    Share Your Compassion Here!

    Sponsor a presentation or workshop for a group or agency today!

    If you are group or agency that may need support to pay for a presentation or workshop, please feel free to check this page on how to apply for sponsorship. 

    Please note that other than our Trauma Informed Training for Childcare providers we sponsor three additional groups or agencies.