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    aniin, tansi, and hello!…

    Welcome to Walking Bear Woman Counselling & Counselling Services…

    At Walking Bear Woman Counselling & Consulting Services, we understand that even the most courageous and resilient of people and teams need understanding, compassion and encouragement to work through some of their toughest challenges. 

    At least, this is what we have observed & experienced in our personal & professional journey; therefore, through our Envisioning A Compassionate Culture Tools & Skills Series design and deliver innovative trauma-sensitive services and training that fully supports Mental Health & Wellness but also gently wrap-arounds community, our services include:

    We believe that the best teams are more than just trauma-informed, but that are equipped with our non-violent compassionate tools & skills which support healing and wellness on their teams but also with the people that they support. 

    What  makes WBW presentations, workshops, and training especially unique is that through our virtual Envisioning Design & Planning Process collaborate with community which may include Elders, leaders, mental health professionals, and social worker which we refer to our Host Envisioning Team to ensure that the  presentations & workshops that we design are tailored to not only to inform and educate; but also,  to emphasize their communities’ distinct Traditional values, beliefs, and customs. 

    In addition, we strive to ensure that every participant who attends a presentation or workshop is engaged and leaves equipped with compassionate tools & skills to share in  healing & wellness within their community, agency, workspace, and home.

    For more information about how our support and services can assist you, your group, or community a free 60-minute consultation with us today!

    Our Mission & Values:

    “Contributing to Healing & Wellness with Kindness, Compassion, Care & Connection.”
    United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007)
    Treaty Right to Health (Medicine Chest Clause)
    MMIW&G Final Report Calls for Justice
    TRC's 94 Calls to Action

    WBW Counselling & Consulting fully recognizes and affirms First Nation Treaty Rights and Indigenous Rights, which include:

    We honour shared Indigenous-Crown sovereignty & relations, First Nation Treaty Rights, Indigenous Rights, and Reconciliation through all of our relationships, interactions and services that we offer.