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    Our Custom MH&W Workshops

    WBW Counselling & Consulting Mental Health & Wellness custom workshops include: 

    • Elevating A Compassionate Culture Tools & Skills  

    Our workshops are designed in close collaboration and partnership with our host communities’ personnel which we refer to as the Host Envisioning Team, to ensure that custom creations that we design address the Mental Health & Wellness concerns  of their community. 

    In addition, through our unique collaborative Envisioning Design & Planning Process we also meet with our host communities Traditional Elders, Knowledge Keepers and  Helpers to ensure that the Mental Health & Wellness  presentations and workshops are aligned with our host communities Traditional Beliefs & Values. 

    Through WBW’s unique collaborative process, we ensure that every custom workshop that we deliver, are:

    • Maximum of 6-hours 
    • Delivered in flexible 1-4 sessions
    • Trauma-Sensitive, Engaging, Informative, and Fun/
    • Respectful of  Traditional Values, Beliefs, and Customs
    • Educational & Informative about Mental Health & Wellness 
    • Non-judgmental, Supportive & Inclusive Virtual/In-Person Experience.
    • Provide all participants with Compassionate Culture Tools & Skills Pocket Certificate. 

    Feel free to reach out to us for more information and how our custom presentations can support the health and wellness goals of your community, agency, or group.

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    Custom MH&W Workshop with                       Elevating  A Compassionate Culture Community Tools & Skills

    Our 4-day custom Mental Health & Wellness carefully weave “WBW’s: Elevating A Compassionate Culture Community Tools & Skills” which is designed to assist to helping to educate and bring awareness to identified and shared mental health & wellness concerns of  the community, in addition, it is also developed to ensure that the beliefs and values of the community are acknowledged as we strive to ensure that the communities Elders are involved and share traditional teachings & stories.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Stronger connection & understanding of their communities, traditional values, beliefs, and customs.
    • Informed about about Mental Health & Wellness topics directly related to their community.
    • Equipped with compassionate culture tools and skills.
    • Skilled and knowledgeable about how to use the compassionate culture tools to enhance their personal health & wellness.
    • Provided tools and skills on how to support loved ones safely through a crisis.

    Great for community gatherings and events which focus on bringing communities together and raising Mental Health Wellness Awareness!

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